4 comments on “Evolution – Part Two

  1. I like the links you have provided. But I can understand why it is just easier to say – Gawd did it.
    I like reading about science and scientists. I don’t like accommodationists. Perhaps they don’t always have a choice but to take that view. After all it is all about survival. 🙂

    • Thanks for following the links, meme. I’m a summarizer, so I farm out most of the useful information to the links. Most people don’t seem to follow them, so I’m happy to see you do it.

      Re: accommodationists. Usually the people who appeal for “give-and-take” and compromise are the ones who know that their argument is weak. But it’s hard not to sympathize with those who feel they have no other choice than to accommodate. Fear of censure and/or exclusion is very powerful.

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