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  1. Fake news has always been around thanks to those whose only purpose was personal gain. The problem is compounded, in this day and age that we live in, by the ease at which such news can be spread.

    Add to that the gullibility of so many apparently educated people who fall victim to the brainwashing of the so-called experts, that it’s almost an epidemic. Despite the fact that real news is so easily accessible, as is the fake kind, people are still led astray. Is it then just a matter of gullibility or are they just too lazy to seek the truth? Makes me wonder!!

    • The material in the links seemed to indicate that people are more likely to click on the fake news links than the real news links. I guess it looks juicier.

      • And it’s exactly that which sells tabloids and keeps them in business. There’s a huge following out there for sensational news. It does not matter if it doesn’t contain an iota of truth. Are some people so lacking in their lives for real entertainment that they are so easily taken in by such nonsense?!

  2. Here’s a link to an article that explores the dangers of fake news, even when we know it’s fake.

    You’ve probably been tricked by fake news and don’t know it.

    It seems we often end up believing what we initially knew to be untrue. If we hear something often enough we tend to believe it’s true. Also, the more easily we remember something, the more likely we are to think it’s true. We’re more likely to believe a simple lie than a complicated truth.

    Beating fake news is up to us. Check the facts, especially if they sound delicious. See if the story has been debunked by some place like Snopes.com. And don’t share fake news, even to point out that it’s fake.


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