A reply to Alice Roberts and Mark Maslin

The Waterside Ape BBC Radio 4 reply to Alice Roberts and Mark Maslin

In my recent post, Aquatic Ape Attacked Again, I pointed to an article that purported to falsify what is commonly referred to as the Aquatic Ape Theory. My post pointed out a few of the shortcomings of that article. Now here’s a link that does a much more thorough job of it.

Source: A reply to Alice Roberts and Mark Maslin

If you’re interested in the theory, or in paleontology in general, I recommend checking out this latest development.


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2 Responses to A reply to Alice Roberts and Mark Maslin

  1. emmylgant says:

    Thank you for following up on this. I thoroughly enjoyed the linked article.
    Very cool.

    • arjaybe says:

      Thanks, emmy. I like to follow science’s so-called controversies. You’re likely to find ideas in development. The transitional species of science history. Often the greatest breakthroughs follow these times.

      Good to hear from you, emmy.

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