5 comments on “Aquatic Ape – Attacked Again

  1. Traditional anthroplogists (Roberts, Foley, Stringer etc.) should inform first before talking: they still have pre-darwinian (anthropocentric) ideas about human evolution, they only attack their own outdated & irrelevant misinterpretations of what they believe “aquatic apes” are.
    How do they think Pleistocene archaic Homo (H.erectus, neandertals etc.) reached Flores, Crete, Sulawesi & other islands far overseas? Running over dry savannas??
    Large brains need lots of DHA (seafood), iodine & taurine (coast) etc.
    Anatomical, embryological, physiological, nutritional, paleo-environmental & all other evidence shows early-Pleistocene Homo dispersed intercontinentally along African & Eurasian coasts (+ later rivers), walking, wading & diving for waterside & shallow-aquatic (littoral) foods, instead of running over dry savanna (e.g. sweat=water+salt = scarce on savanna).
    David Attenborough’s “Waterside Ape” is 100% correct.
    Marc Verhaegen 2013 “The Aquatic Ape evolves: Common Misconceptions and Unproven Assumptions about the so-called Aquatic Ape Hypothesis” Hum.Evol.28:237-266.

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