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As you know, my novels are published with a Creative Commons license. I use Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA), but there are other variations, depending on how you want to share your work.  TechnoLlama, a blog I follow, has a piece on the resurgence of antipathy toward Creative Commons.  (TechnoLlama by Andres Guadamuz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.)  That license is the same as the one I use, with the addition of the NonCommercial part.  That means that Andres doesn’t want people re-using his work for commercial purposes, while I don’t mind if they do.

From TechnoLlama:

It is hard to imagine nowadays, but for a few years during the last decade Creative Commons was relentlessly attacked by some content owners, copyright maximalists and collective societies.

However, I have noticed a resurgence in criticism of Creative Commons.

Creative Commons has been extremely successful since its creation, and we must welcome debate and input about things that can be improved. At some point CC was seen as anti-establishment, a direct attack on copyright from clueless academics and pirates. After the open access movement gained traction, an interesting transition occurred, CC became a part of the establishment.

I’m glad that Creative Commons came along when it did. It took the copyright that is automatically applied to creative works and gave it greater scope and flexibility. Now, thanks to CC, I can share my work under my terms, while still retaining the power and authority of copyright. Before CC the only option was to declare the work Public Domain, relinquishing copyright.

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Source: In defence of Creative Commons – TechnoLlama

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