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This is awkward, asking for help when you’ve already done so much. You’ve already helped me more than you know just by downloading my books, and even more by all the encouragement you’ve given me. Some of you have even gone to the trouble of dropping a comment on the Green Comet website. So, thank you, and you should feel no obligation to do any more.

Even so, it might be the case that some of you wanted to do more, but didn’t know how. Or it might not have occurred to you that there was anything you could do. If that is the case, then I should be letting you know that there is something. In the years I’ve been doing this experiment — writing stories and giving them away to see what happens — I’ve learned a few things. I’ve learned that people expect a nice cover. They expect some extra information around the story, like blurbs and synopses, and even something about the author. I’ve gradually done all that and it’s getting better all the time.

There’s one thing I can’t do for myself, though. I’ve learned that people also expect reviews. Of course, there is some of that on my own website, and there is one review on the Green Comet page at Internet Archive. But there’s nothing on the sites where the book was uploaded by Pronoun. (If you go there you will see that I was required to set a price for the book. I also made sure to point out that it’s Creative Commons, though.) So, if you want to help me even more, and you have the time and inclination, you could go to one or more of these sites and post a review. It will help the book look more legitimate. Even a one-liner would be enough.

Thank you for all you’ve done, and I certainly don’t expect any more. But if that is your wish, then here are the sites.

Barnes and Noble
Google Play
Kobo Books


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Jim has fought forest fires and controlled traffic in the air and on the sea. Now he writes stories.
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