22 comments on “Some Women See a Hundred Million Colors

  1. This article leads me to wonder what the cones in my eyes are like, for shades of gray look green to me.
    I thoroughly enjoy these articles you are posting!

    • I believe it mentioned birds in one of the linked articles. And some birds can see ultraviolet. I bet a pigeon’s iridescence would look great in UV.

      • You might have, now that you mention it. I was going to reply to the iridescence and the UV but I find the comprehension a bit beyond me.

        • Iridescence Ir`i*des”cence, n. [See Iridescent.]
          Exhibition of colors like those of the rainbow, especially a
          surface reflection which changes color with the angle at
          which the object is viewed; the quality or state of being
          iridescent; a prismatic play of color; as, the iridescence of
          mother-of-pearl. It is due to interference of light waves
          reflected from the front and back surfaces of a thin layer
          transpatrent or semitransparent film.

          Like the shiny colors in a pigeon’s feathers.

          • Thank you for your explanation. The comprehension I’m talking about is the same as comprehending how some women can see 100 million colors.I accept that statement but am unable to process it fully.

  2. I can’t even wrap my head around 100 million anything, never mind colors…
    Some colors hurt my eyes. I mean I want to close them because they are too intense for comfort. For instance some so called ‘neon’ colors.
    Isn’t interesting that we seem to have different perceptions of what is essentially visual?
    Rose colored spectacles anyone? 😎

    • I guess you don’t spend much time at the ski hill, if those colors hurt your eyes. What hurts my eyes is those new headlights. The dazzling bluish-white ones.

      Yes, it is interesting that our internal visual reality is so different from what is (presumably) really out there. It seems to make reality contingent, doesn’t it?

    • I’m with you on the bluish white headlights, they make night driving a pain! Fortunately I’ve only encountered them on their low beam. There are some folks who insist on driving on high beam all the time, the bluish white will make it very difficult to see even the edge of the road!

  3. I was a bit surprised to read this. The colours are all there, they just ARE. I thought that was just the way it was. My friends tell me they can’t see them the same, I never understood it. I also draw and paint.

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