Pirate This Book

Cover art by Piotr Czaplarski

Cover art by Piotr Czaplarski

Pirate This Book is the actual title of a book written by Linton Robinson. You can read about it on his website and you can download it from Smashwords, where it’s free, at Noisetrade, where it’s also free but you can leave a tip if you want to, and on Amazon, where they want you to pay 83 cents. I haven’t read the book, but I understand it’s a collection of stories and excerpts from the author’s work. He’s trying to employ the principle that, for non-best-selling authors, the important thing is getting your work out there. The problem for unknown authors isn’t piracy, it’s obscurity. So don’t worry about how many pirated copies of your book might be out there without having been paid for. Rejoice in the knowledge that it’s getting into the hands of potential readers. Be grateful that someone cared enough to pirate it.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Pirate this book. Download Green Comet and upload it to a torrent site. Take Parasite Puppeteers and put it in the hands of those scurrilous pirates. I want to see them everywhere. If I google Green Comet, I want to see pages of pirated copies. The same with Parasite Puppeteers. I just trawled about ten torrent sites and only one of them, Torrentz, had a link to Green Comet. Nobody had Parasite Puppeteers. I was disappointed. I was hurt. It’s embarrassing.

So, pirate this book. Please. You’ll make this ink-stained wretch happy.


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