8 comments on “Cognitive Biases that Affect Decisions

  1. Thanks for the link to Compound Interest. I’ve posted it to my Facebook page as well as the cognitive biases. Some consider science in the same field as poison ivy, something to be avoided.

  2. This explains why I screw up so much. Some mistakes are costly some are not. Cognitive biais is probably why we repeat our mistakes before learning the lesson.

      • Indeed we do! I read somewhere a while back that the most important decisions we take (the ones that affect our lives long term, mostly!) are taken without sufficient information and rely on emotions/feelings…

        • Yes, although I am as sceptical of decisions that rely only on rational logic. I am a great believer in emotional intelligence, that it is at least as reliable as cognitive intelligence. When the facts aren’t sufficient and logic hits a wall, which seems to be very common in my experience, we’re left with our feelings and hunches. We have to rely on them, and I think we can, as long as we examine them as closely as we do our rational decisions.

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