3 comments on “Largest Organism

  1. One specimen in Oregon. .. Are there others? 8500 yrs old! How is that measured? What is the scientific name of this humongous fungus among us?
    (COULDN’T help it). And how was it found?

    On another note: how is your fence? All fixed?
    And thank you for this post that is keeping my mind occupied. …

    • I’m not sure how they estimate the age. Maybe size divided by known growth rate? There are others. Googling humongous fungus and/or honey mushroom will lead you to hours of time-wasting exploration.-) The scientific name of the honey mushroom is Armillaria mellea.

      They found one of these big guys by taking samples from widely separated patches and checking them for how closely their DNA was related. They were surprised to find it was the same individual.

      I eventually got the fence done. Since then we’ve done some doors and windows. Next up: the roof and the deck. *pant-pant*

      • OK; notes taken. Research on the way.
        Doors and windows…
        Roof and deck…. No rest for the weary, hey?
        Should keep you out of trouble for a spell !
        Actually, it never ends come to think of it… :/

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