Egregious Nonsense Regarding eBook Standards

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Andrew Upgrove explains why proprietary formats are bad for readers and writers, and why we need to make alternative, open ebook standards readily available and easy to use.


Making products work on one device is easy. Making it possible for true competition to be active in the marketplace and give true freedom of purchase and movement to customers takes more work – and the results are far better. And where vendors decide that it’s in their economic interest to do this, they do it. With thousands of new standards every year.

That’s why you can buy a phone from any one and call anyone else; buy a tire from anyone and put it on whatever car you own; buy a Wi-Fi router and connect anything to it; and buy just about anything else in the world and use it the way you want to. Except eBooks. There’s a reason for that, and it isn’t technical.

Source: Egregious Nonsense Regarding eBook Standards | Andrew Updegrove: Tales of Adversego

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