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Bob Satterfield - Public Domain - Tap for a bigger image

Bob Satterfield – Public Domain – Tap for a bigger image

A challenge for all you programmers out there, especially you app-makers. What we really need is a speech parser. An app that can analyze what someone says and rate it for content. I visualize a scale, say from one to ten, to indicate the level of content in what was said. If there’s no content, it gets a rating of zero. If it’s chock-full of meaningful content, it’s a ten. I don’t predict many perfect scores.

This app would be useful when an athlete or a politician is answering a reporter’s questions. Or a spouse is explaining what happened to the rainy day fund. Or maybe a contractor is telling you what you’re going to get for your money. But mostly for politicians. I can see the scale on the screen, continuously registering the content quotient as they make their speeches. No more being hypnotized by the droning voice and the great hair. Now we’ll have a graphic indication of how vacuous their words really are.

So you programmers, sharpen up your bits and get to your keyboards and hammer out the speech parser app. Baffled listeners everywhere will thank you.


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3 Responses to Speech Parser

  1. emmylgant says:

    It would be a great time saver.
    If I never have to say “I understand the words but I have no idea what you’re saying” my world will be a better place.

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