VocaliD wants to give people with speech impairment their own unique voices.  To do so they combine the person’s own voice, even just a single vowel, with the speech sounds and patterns of someone who’s voice is a match for that individual.  To help, you can go to VocaliD’s website and record your voice.  Watch the TED Talk for inspiration, and go to the VocaliD website to find out how you can help.

See the TED Talk here.

If you’re familiar with Stephen Hawking’s iconic voice, you may be shocked to learn that many people around the world — young and old, male and female — speak with the exact same voice. There are tens of millions worldwide who rely on computerized voices to express themselves, yet many of them speak identically.

Add to that hundreds of millions who use text-to-speech technology everyday for things like smartphone assistants, GPS navigation, and screen readers, and the possibilities for what a unique VocaliD™ voice can offer become limitless.

Learn about VocaliD’s mission to create unique vocal personas and the team that’s making it happen.

Source: About Us – VocaliD

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