OpenBooks is Open

OpenBooks is open to the public. The long preparations are complete and we’re ready to go. Here’s a clip from the email they sent me, as one of their alpha and beta testers:

Dear Friends,

It was such a busy time here at but we’ve finally arrived at our destination. Our service is now fully open to the public. Users can download eBooks with one click, read and then, if they decide so, pay easily using payment links that are smartly embedded in each single file. They can also win iPad and other prizes in our book review contest.

In my opinion, the OpenBooks approach is one of the best I’ve seen, both for authors and for readers. Like, OpenBooks allows potential customers to freely download a book and read it before ever having to consider paying for it. There’s no risk. If you find the book doesn’t suit you, just put it down and you’ve lost nothing but a little time. And if you do like it, then you can easily reward the author with as little or as much money as you see fit. You also have the opportunity to rate the book and post a review.

It’s a pretty revolutionary concept, but that’s not the only revolution. If you think a friend would like the book, then you are free to give them a copy. In fact, you’re encouraged to do so. The more the better. There are no roadblocks to sharing your discoveries. And the files are completely open as well, so they can be read any time anywhere. None of that nasty DRM (Digital Restrictions Management.)

So go, browse, explore, rummage. Enjoy the freedom. And if you enjoyed Green Comet, do me a favor and give it a few stars.-) Reviewers are required to register with OpenBooks.


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