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Zero Sum Game has action. Lots and lots of action. Cas Russell is a math savant. She uses her talent for instantly perceiving trajectories and vectors and probabilities in her profession: retrievals. People pay her to retrieve items for them. Her lethal skills are useful in her work.

Rio is the only person Cas trusts. He’s a religious psychopath who hurts people for God. Given that he enjoys hurting people, it’s a good thing he has a moral compass.

Arthur Tresting is a private investigator. He loathes Rio for the monster he is, and despises Cas for her profession and her convenient ethics, but he’s an honorable man. He has a client and has to work with Cas and Rio to do his job.

What begins as a simple retrieval job for Cas Russell soon becomes a struggle for survival against a shadowy, all-powerful organization.

Zero Sum Game is a good read. It’s a good story well told. SL Huang is a good writer. The proofreading and editing are of professional quality, and the ebook formatting is excellent.

I recommend dropping over to and downloading it.


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2 Responses to Zero Sum Game

  1. emmylgant says:

    Sounds like a fun read1 Thank you.
    Still have trouble with downloads on my kindle-(
    May be I dropped it too many times or living in France is a problem… dunno.

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