Sullivan Green

Book cover - Kimberly Voll

Book cover – Kimberly Voll

Denny Bastian

Denny Bastian

Review – The Amazing Adventures of Sullivan Green – Denny Bastian – Smashwords – $2.99 – 75,000 words – ePub, Kindle, PDF

This book is not published under a Creative Commons license, but Denny is a friend so he gets special dispensation.-)

Denny Bastian is a retired city bus driver, and what’s he supposed to do with himself now? According to Denny, write a children’s book of course. And so we have The Amazing Adventures of Sullivan Green, a bedtime story for children six and up. Its thirty-four chapters are laid out for reading to them one per night.

Sullivan Green is a frog who goes on an adventure with two of his pals. The story is light hearted, even though the three adventurers find ways to put themselves in danger. The book’s cover, by Denny’s step-daughter, Dr Kimberly Voll, reflects the tone of the book very well.

The book could have benefited from more editing – there are errors – but if you can ignore that, then it doesn’t distract from the fun. The author’s bright and colorful imagination is evident throughout. Denny obviously spent many hours putting himself in the green skin of the little frogs. It’s enough to make you think that the germ of some of these stories came from his own childhood.

Sullivan Green and his pals, Willy and Squeaky, endure a storm, separation, getting lost and having to hide from the evil Derdy Rats. In spite of the danger, they persevere, showing us how clever and brave they are. In The Amazing Adventures of Sullivan Green, Denny Bastian has given us a delightful story, needing only a little more care and polish to live up to its potential.


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