8 comments on “Pery Burge

  1. You know, I have gone back and got lost in her photos this morning. Such gorgeous dreaminess unseen if it were not for her art.
    How anyone give a thumbs down on this lovely introduction and tribute to this artist? Seriously?

    • I know what you mean. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but someone has been putting a thumbs down on every post for the last while. I think I have a stalker.-) But on a tribute to someone deceased? That’s going a bit far, I think.


        • They added another thumbs down yesterday morning. I don’t believe anyone would be that crass, so they must be clicking on the thumbs down without reading the posts. They’re probably not reading the comments either, and I certainly don’t expect them to contribute. We’ll see what happens after my next post – another innocuous one in the Cloud of the Day series.

          On a more cheerful note, it looks as if someone is now adding thumbs up to counteract my stalker’s thumbs down. Could this be the beginning of The Great Thumbs War?


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