Owlets – Paul Eby

Photo credit - Paul Eby - Click for more

Photo credit – Paul Eby – Click for more

This picture is apropos of nothing in particular. It doesn’t illustrate the theme of a post. In fact, there’s no post here to speak of. This time it’s the other way around. It’s the picture itself that is the point here, and the post exists only to give it a place to stand. This picture, Owlets by Paul Eby, is so good and so interesting in itself that I had to create this post just so I could put it here to show you.

Paul Eby is generous enough to contribute photos to the Oliver Photo Club blog, and was kind enough to allow me to show them to you. To see more of his pictures of these owlets, click on the picture, or here.


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One Response to Owlets – Paul Eby

  1. emmylgant says:

    There is something quite moving about those little guys…. a quasi-human feel to their gaze?i don’t know… Something quite endearing. Thank you to Paul and you for sharing these.

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