12 comments on “BitTorrent Bundles

  1. Hi. I’ve tried to download it from there with the hope to become a permanent seeder, but apparently there are no seeds.

    • I’m going there now to see if I can see what you mean.


      Edit: Okay, I clicked the big blue button, KTorrent opened, and it shows eight seeders.



  2. Weird…I’ve been on Ktorrent for more than 2 hours now and still no trace of seeders. Maybe because I have DHT off?

  3. No…DHT doesn’t seem to affect the result. I tried with Vuze and got a message that the site did not return any data. I’ll keep trying.

  4. Yes, seeders may come and go; that’s why I wanted to be a permanent seeder. That way, the torrent will always be alive. Unfortunately, it’s now 6 hours and no luck.

  5. Downloading via uTorrent works just fine. Perhaps something to do with the webseeding capabilities? The bundle should be webseeded by BitTorrent

  6. I don’t know what’s going on. I managed to download from my M11 install. Now I’m seeding.

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