10 comments on “Winter

  1. Thank you Jim for bringing me magic on this first day of the year.
    My winter sun, in golden pinks, struggles to make it past the rain clouds.
    Much love from pigtails and best wishes for the coming year.

    • Thank you. And thank you for your stories on ODN. And I noticed that you encouraged Brenda when she chipped in. I’m sure she appreciates that.


  2. The last 4 photos you’ve posted from the Oliver Photo Club website are by John Chapman (Salute to Sunrise), Brandt Leinor (green leaves in snow), Randy Rotheisler (frosted bush on snowy Bear Lake) and Brandt Leinor again (B& W Solitary Pine). Cheers.

    • Thank you, John. I’ll put those names in. If I didn’t see a name on your site, I just credited the Oliver Photo Club. Now the photographers can have their individual credit. Thanks again.


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