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  1. I guess it is not so far fetched that there be ice particles 80 KM up, considering that the moon has ice particles too.
    The colors are amazing or are they enhanced?

  2. The third image is mine and no, one does not have to be a great photographer to capture noctilucent clouds. It does help to know your gear well. The rest is point and click. A tripod is required though.

    • Thank you for joining the conversation, Ralph. I’m glad I got the attribution right on the photo.-) It might be point and click but you still need to be in the right place at the right time, and know how to take the shot.


      • Thanks RJB! I am about a year and a half late but only just came across this blog. It’s always nice to see one’s images where least expected.

        It’s true what you say, which is why I mentioned knowing your gear. It is getting close to that time of year when these clouds start to show themselves. I usually keep my eyes peeled, but don’t always have a camera handy 😉


        • I’m glad you enjoyed finding your image here. Do you have more photos of clouds that you’d like to share? If I may be so bold.-) You might have noticed that I’m running a sporadic series on clouds and other sky things.


      • Sorry about that! I wanted to add links to both sites and did separate them with the word “and.” I had no idea they would show up and one big link 😉

        • I know what you mean. Most things like that I just have to take a stab at and see how it turns out. Like, how is it that your name appeared on the first comment, but not on any of the rest of them? Don’t ask me. Luckily, in this case, it turned out that I could get to your site eventually.-)


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