12 comments on “Other Beauty

  1. Pigtails says she can’t believe you don’t know… OK. We know they’re feathery because birds have feathers and they fly while cows, pigs and other leathery-skin dudes don’t. You do remember that angels fly? Pigtails says she doesn’t know where they go, why or what they do, so don’t bother asking. 😉

    • But . . . but . . . angels are always depicted as mammalian creatures and flying mammals (bats) have leathery wings. If angels were bird-like, wouldn’t they be depicted with beaks?-)


  2. Obfuscation she says. (She knows some big words like that) She didn’t say they were bird-like, just that they have wings like birds. She says next you will ask if they have babies or eggs… She is thinking… shrugs. Ask Bernini she says. Bernini? Really? Now I am shrugging. 🙂

    • I don’t think angels have offspring. I think they’re supposed to be sterile, aren’t they? I guess bird wings are less icky than bat wings, and we don’t want our angels to be icky.


  3. No we don’t want them icky, I agree.
    But how about tickly?
    With feathers they could be.
    I am getting carried away I see.
    sorry. It’s the child in me.

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