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  1. Unfortunately, corporate propaganda is already well-entrenched in education, especially with everything related to technology. The worst is that educators, instead of breaking these enslaving models, often reproduce them and are the ones who take technology least critically. As a result, younger generations are indoctrinated through education instead of being empowered through critical thinking. The good news is that some schools encourage students to break free from the lock-in of technology-providing companies by using open source/ free software in their labs.

  2. Well, my university is migrating to FOSS. Also, I know of several elementary schools here in my country that have already migrated all their systems (not just their computer labs) to Ubuntu and couldn’t be happier.

    Unfortunately, the section of the university to which I belong is one of those that reproduce the discourse of corporations. Most of my colleagues think of themselves as tech-savvy educators, but in reality all they do is using a couple of MS tools and teaching their students (future teachers) how to use such software. My brother and I are doing all we can to change that by showing both our colleagues and our students that FOSS is not just a tech alternative, but also a choice better aligned with the goal of education: to make individuals free.

    • There’s a computer course offered in my town where they promise to teach you how to use Windows 8, and call it teaching you how to use a computer.

      I take heart when I see people living by principles. Also when people realize what free and open tools can do for them. And especially the people who create those tools and make them free.


  3. You have already made a significant contribution in my university: Green Comet.

    Last semester, I was able to show my students the power and importance of FOSS thanks to your novel. They could reflect on the advantages of a world in which people share both their knowledge and the tools to create it.

    I’ll always be thankful to you for sharing your work and knowledge with us. I’ll tell my students about Musopen, too.

  4. This doesn’t have anything to do with copyright. But Texas is big on buying textbooks. And often as Texas goes……so goes the nation. A lot of the textbook choosing board would like to exclude evilution. But progress is being made. Some places textbooks are being replaced with computers and access to the real stuff can’t be stopped. 🙂

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