9 comments on “Towering Cumulus

  1. In 1996 I saw the towering cumulus in Wyoming one evening while on my way to Denver. The cloud had a lightning storm going on inside it. There were smaller fingers of cloud jutting out from the sides of the main cloud and lightning was traveling between them and the main cloud. It was an awesome show I’ve not seen again.

      • It is planted as a life long memory.
        Last night, in our Edmonton sky, we had a towering cumulus, very similar to one of your photos. It was the one with the horizontal cloud topping the vertical cloud. The amazing part was the way the sun shone on on the back puffy column with the centre puffy column being gray and the front puffy one being pink.

  2. I am so glad you dispel misconceptions and enlighten my dreamer vision! These clouds are spectacular and enchanting. When I lived in Tampa, I often saw them rise up and look fierce, but no rain ( hear Sting “There’ll be clouds but no rain” just about now). Thank you.

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