8 comments on “Seeing Blue

  1. Has a study been done on those who dished out the verbal abuse? In the one case that I know of, the verbal abuser now has dementia.

  2. That sounds like a good premise for a study. If no one’s done it, somebody should. Best would be a large epidemiological study over a long time.


  3. Back to the subject at hand, I see why Christianity has so many divisions and misunderstandings when our language of English is considered.

  4. From the study at MIT: “To determine each subject’s linguistic color boundary within the range of blues used in this work, we administered a brief color classification task at the end of the experiment (after the main color discrimination blocks). Subjects were asked to classify each color square used in this work as either goluboy or siniy (for Russian speakers) or light blue or dark blue (for English speakers). All subjects classified the lightest stimulus (stimulus 1 in Fig. 1) as goluboy or light blue and stimulus 20 as siniy or dark blue.”

    So all the subjects were able to discriminate the shades of blue.


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