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Here’s an interesting diversion sent to me by my brother, George Bowering. Caution: he’s been known to mess with his own Wikipedia site. It was sent to him by Spider Robinson, who says he got it from John Varley. Quoting Spider Robinson:

“Here’s the broadest possible perspective:

Sent me today by John Varley. Just keep clicking “Okay,” at whatever rate suits you. The further I went, the slower I clicked.


Perspective is right. I hope you enjoy it.


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8 Responses to Here Is Today

  1. emmylgant says:

    A spec. No, an almost-illusion on a spec is what I am, even if I am made of stardust. That is quite a perspective.

  2. arjaybe says:

    It’s amazing that our minds can conceive it.


  3. arjaybe says:

    Insignificant? Remember what they said in Green Comet. A bacterium might be small, but it’s not insignificant.-)


  4. arjaybe says:

    Hug back. And one for that little girl, too.-)


  5. Laird Smith says:

    And we are here and now. I guess you could ask, why now?Today? I guess you could answer why not?

  6. arjaybe says:

    Coincidentally, I’ve been listening to the show Tapestry on the CBC and they were discussing the topic, “Why is there something rather than nothing?”


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