6 comments on “Cave Art – More

  1. Hi rjb. I have come out of my cave. I have heard of and read some of Greg Laden’s work. I probably just skimmed. I can’t seem to get my eyes to concentrate on something long. I will just have to remain uneducated. 🙁

  2. Now ladysighs, really. Telling tales on your twin sister? tsk


    PS It’s good to see you out and about again, meme.-)

  3. Subjectively speaking, art is the result of a creative impulse brought on by an awareness of a sensory experience. We see something of note and we want to fix it in time, record its existence in one way or another. The production of art also implies( to my way of thinking) an awareness of time. How those thoughts fit in with the evolution of man I have not a clue. ..;)

  4. I think you’re right about the impulse to record it. I’d guess it’s because something seems significant, and we want to share it, or at least show that we’ve seen it. I’d further guess that “significance” requires a certain level of cognitive complexity having evolved in our brains. There, I got that down.-) Call it my spotted horse on the cave wall.


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