15 comments on “Liquid Drop Art

  1. That is incredible! I don’t understand it but it blows my mind. Actually, it probably blows my mind becasuse I don’t understand how it happens and why.

  2. Right. I am in a rut …or still mulling things over. Especially when it comes to intangible things like beauty, love, music. You get the drift, the bend, the turn and twists my mind is taking.

  3. Like it’s too little too late.
    Never mind.
    I think I said it someplace: writing is standing naked in the market square. We write what we know, when it gets too hard I’ll quit; I’ll have nothing left to say anyway.

  4. “Standing naked in the market square” is a good image for the exposure. Then it made me think of slaves on the auction block. I’m sure that has nothing to do with anything, though.-)

    I hope it never gets that hard.


  5. It’s kind of you to say that.
    I didn’t think about slave auctions. But actually it works too. The writer has no value without a reader; continually appaised, assessed and examined, his being blends with his function or his usefulness (neologism or is it a word?).
    I should have made that gender neutral..

  6. Usefulness is an existing word. I remember being taught to use “he” for unspecified gender. I use “they” now. Grammatically incorrect, but everyone knows what you mean. I was never comfortable with the s/he gymnastics.

    It’s only the writing that has no worth without a reader.


  7. Cogito ergo sum. You don’t think I can extrapolate and say I write therefore I am?

    A gray rainy day is knocking at my window now.Tears on a pane.
    Good night friend.

    Ps can I download your book on my kindle?

  8. I don’t know much about Kindles. Do they read PDFs or ePubs? If not, can you convert it to mobi (I thinks that’s Kindle’s format)? I didn’t know you could download random things off the Internet with them, but if not you should be able to use your computer and transfer it.

    I hear my pillow calling my name.


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