5 comments on “Parasite Puppeteers

  1. This is fascinating stuff. I muddled through the Science News link… My little brain must be infected, because I don’t see what the Toxoplasma gondii gets out of staying latent in our brains. I understand the rat to cat connection; if it doesn’t affect us, what is the pay-off for the parasite?
    Just musing here, but considering how toxic to the planet humans have been (and continue to be) I would be inclined to call that behavior an aberration ( what animal fowls its own home?), and perhaps, we could blame it on a brain parasite…. Oh no! The zombies are coming!…

  2. I think the parasite gets into a human by happenstance, then hunkers down on the off chance that you’ll die and your cat will eat you.


  3. It’s more than speculation now. Pig whipworms are used to treat autoimmune diseases, for example. I always tell people who have a new baby, “Make sure they eat lots of dirt.”

    There’s also evidence linking an unhealthy gut biome to autism.


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