3 comments on “Smell – Part Three

  1. I would never ever want to be blind. To me that would be the worse sense to lose. But even that sense…sight…I suppose we don’t use as well as we could or should.

    I think it would be interesting to take a course/workshop on using the other senses. Not just a study of the other senses, but a developmental course and hands on or nose on course.

    There probably isn’t such a thing. lol Maybe hold it in the kitchen.

    Hope your wife is back safe and sound.

  2. Given the dominance of vision among our senses, I think you’d have to take such a course blindfolded.-)

    Thank you. She’s leaving tomorrow. She’s going north to visit her brother. Going from temperatures a little on either side of freezing here, to minus forty there. We’ve experienced that before, when we did our northern thing as young people, but we’ve become used to warmer temperatures in the decades since.


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