2 comments on “Cave Art – Part Two

  1. Very interesting. I would like to think that for what ever reason they made this cave art that part of the reason was that they enjoyed it…..as you mentioned in the last paragraph.

    To me just looking at the picture it seems that much thought went into whatever it was/is. I like to imagine the artist/s standing back a ways examining their work critically in the light of a fire or torch. “Perhaps a little bit more color here. Just a few more strokes on the tail.”

    I am reading and responding here while waiting for chapters 15-16 to download.
    I have be honest and say……..I don’t really know if I am getting the right one. I have in the past downloaded the same thing and only knew when I opened it up. 🙁

    I hope I am surprised………and I get the right chapters. 🙂

  2. Part three of Cave Art coming soon.

    I uploaded chapter 17 today, so if you’re downloading “Latest” then that’s what you’ll get.


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