5 comments on “Gecko Feet

  1. I really enjoyed the read. It took me back to the style of Science Fiction of a number of years ago, and it had a young adult feel to it. I really liked the old stuff a lot, and have tired of much of the new SF, (much of it fantasy which I don’t care for much) so this was a nice surprise.

    • It’s all right that it ended up here. I don’t think I can move your comment anywhere, but I can pull a quote from it and add it to the Reviews in the sidebar. Thanks for taking the time and thank you for the kind comments.


  2. Oops that review was not supposed to be on Gecko Feet, but on the book. Can it be moved to the reviews?

  3. I am sorry but no matter how you describe them, friendly to humans or not, they sound like something I saw coming out of my bathtub drain. I pulled the plug on him real quick like.
    I am going to look for the place to download the recording of the beginning of the story.

  4. I also have a story about spiders and their sticky feet. You might be wishing you had the gecko back.-)


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