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  1. Thank you, mixedupmeme. I’m going directly to your site to check it out. I’d like to see what you have to say about having nothing to say.-)


  2. I did download the Green Comet a bit ago. Honestly I just could not get it started. According to the comments I probably am the only one. lol
    Maybe I will try again.

    I checked out 6 books from the library over a week ago, but since I have started the blog I find I don’t have much time even for life essentials let alone reading anything.

    I keep getting lost in the WordPress Maze and can’t get out. Or once out I can’t get back in because I have made my password so complicated. I have to try 10 times before it lets me in. Maybe something to do with the quality of my blog…..nah.

  3. I have finished listening to the first set. It really makes a difference with your reading the story. I understand it so much better. I follow along with the text. Your voice is clear and pleasing.

    Every morning when I awake, I always feel there is something wrong….well not exactly wrong…but just a bit out of order. I now realize it is hibernation disorientation. I think someone needs to pamper me a bit with breakfast in bed and then draw my bath.

    Four hands? I like that idea. I could blog so much faster. And bioluminescence (did I spell that right?) is a great idea. A gal always wants to know what a guy’s mood is.

    Your fan,
    Saint meme

  4. It’s good to hear that I’m easy to listen to. It’s hard to know that. I just concentrate on trying to get it right and hope for the best.

    You have the book and you’ve heard everything I’ve recorded. I guess you’ll just have to read my posts until I get the next chapter recorded, or I get the first extension written. I’m a slow writer though. I’m so slow I piss myself off.-)


  5. I finished reading Green Comet yesterday. Your novel has a solid plot resting upon an original idea: comet inhabitants. I say it’s solid because you lead your readers throughout the technical difficulties of such a setting and make it highly credible thanks of the precision of your details. Your characters, although fantastic, are also credible and realistic thanks to the advances in science. Now, this is not only a story of science (science-fiction), but also one of the most basic elements in human nature: doing one’s best, risking life, finding (and keeping) real love, and facing extreme danger bravely in spite of our very own fear. The narrative figure does not get in the way: it helps to disclose the characters’ emotions without giving too much information away or forcibly keeping relevant details.

    Green Comet makes us imagine the endless possibilities for progress that technology offers and at the same time makes us question our personal attitudes and goals in life thanks to its round, well-developed characters. They are loyal, brave, loving, and hard-working…but also far from perfect: they must fight against their individual fears, doubts, and prejudices to conquer themselves while facing their worst threat as a people.

    This novel is deep and quite technical yet enjoyable and able to make you smile and laugh.

    Let me thank you for the privilege of reading such a fine piece of writing. I am glad I read it.

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