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Creative Commons licensed Green Comet is an expansive story of love and adventure on an inhabited comet. To learn more, and for samples, visit the Welcome Page.

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Eighteen Thousand Downloads

Photo credit - Winston Wong

Photo credit – Winston Wong

With the imminent release of Parasite Puppeteers, the sequel to Green Comet, I thought it was time to update the download count. Eighteen thousand downloads isn’t bad. This will give us a baseline for future downloads, and let us see if anything changes when two books are available. Thank you everyone who has downloaded Green Comet and its extensions, and a special thanks to everyone who has recommended the novel to a new reader. Now let’s see if we can do even better when Parasite Puppeteers comes out.

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Update to Happy Birthday Copyright Case

A couple of years ago Green Comet featured a story about silly copyright claims to the song “Happy Birthday.”  The post was called Happy Birthday – Pay Up, and it was about some filmmakers who were fed up with the hassle.  Now there are some new developments, and things are looking up.

It’s been two years since filmmakers making a documentary about the song “Happy Birthday” filed a lawsuit claiming that the song shouldn’t be under copyright. Now, they have filed (PDF) what they say is “proverbial smoking-gun evidence” that should cause the judge to rule in their favor.

Source: Filmmakers fighting “Happy Birthday” copyright find their “smoking gun” | Ars Technica


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