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Creative Commons licensed Green Comet is an expansive story of love and adventure on an inhabited comet. To learn more, and for samples, visit the Welcome Page.

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Photo credit - eigenes Foto - CC-BY

Photo credit – eigenes Foto – CC-BY

Cloud of the Day – Pileus

A pileus cloud is one that forms on top of another cloud, forming a cap. The term pileus comes from the Latin for felt cap, of the sort worn in ancient Greece and Rome. Pileus cloud is most commonly seen on vigorously growing towering cumulus, and is indicative of instability and high moisture content. The term also refers to the cap of a mushroom, the bell of a jellyfish, and the top of a bird’s head. That is the reason for the name of the pileated woodpecker, referring to its ornamented head.

Photo credit - Marie-Lan Nguyen - CC-BY

Photo credit – Marie-Lan Nguyen – CC-BY

Photo credit - D. Gordon E. Robertson - CC-BY-SA

Photo credit – D. Gordon E. Robertson – CC-BY-SA

Pileus are lenticular clouds and share traits with altocumulus lenticularis in their smooth, horizontal appearance. In addition to towering cumulus, they can form on volcanic eruptions, smoke towering over forest fires, and nuclear mushroom clouds.

Photo credit - NASA - Public domain

Photo credit – NASA – Public domain

Due to high moisture and instability, pileus can be a sign of violent weather to come.

Photo credit - Wolkenfahnderin - CC-BY

Photo credit – Wolkenfahnderin – CC-BY

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Afterlife – Heaven


I probably don’t need to say this because I’ll be making it obvious shortly: I’m not a book reviewer. However, I’ve decided to do the occasional review of books that are released under open conditions, such as Creative Commons. Like Green Comet.-)

Review – Heaven (the Afterlife Series) – Mur Lafferty – CC-BY-NC-SA

Kate and Daniel are killed at the beginning of the book. This is not a spoiler. They needed to die to get on to the afterlife. Kate, who loves no one but Daniel, and Daniel, who seems to love everyone but Kate, have been friends since childhood. It makes sense that should continue in Heaven. They start out in the Heaven they expect, but soon discover that there are many others, too. Naturally, they go exploring. In addition to the God they were expecting, they meet Zeus, Odin and Izanami, among others, and learn that there’s more to the afterlife than bliss and contentment.


Mur Lafferty first recorded the series as audiobooks, which are still available at Podiobooks. People wanted them in book form, so she ran a Kickstarter pledge drive to finance it. Asking for $2000, she got $19,370, and was able to pay for things like book design, cover design and conversion. Lately she made the books available in a Thanks for Ungluing campaign.

Heaven is the first book in the series. The others are Hell, Earth, Wasteland and War, and there’s a sixth one, Stones, under construction. Go ahead and download it from Unglue.it. It won’t cost you anything and it’s a good story well told. Lafferty expertly blends the legends into the tale.


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